How To Play Lovecraft Locker (A Comprehensive Tutorial)

Welcome to Lovecraft Locker, where high school life gets a whole new twist! You unlock premium features like Tentacle Lockers, Coins, and an ad-free experience here. Lovecraft Locker APK isn’t just a game; it’s a fantastic adventure. Picture a regular school day turning into a horror show when these students accidentally summon the scary monster. With excellent graphics and easy gameplay, it’s perfect for everyone. Therefore, you just flick your fingers between different lockers and enjoy the excitement. Wondering how to play Lovecraft Locker? Here is a step-by-step guide to mastering the game.

Moreover, you’ve hit the jackpot if you’re searching for the latest Lovecraft Locker Game version! In our guide, “How to Play Lovecraft Locker,” we’re breaking down the game’s ins and outs, showing you the ropes to survive this terrifying ordeal. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just getting into the spooky gaming scene, we’ve got your back.

How To Play Lovecraft Locker

Guide to Play Lovecraft Locker

Playing Lovecraft Locker is easy. What you need to do is to click on the game icon. When the game starts, you may get a warning on the screen. Ignore the warning and check the confirmation of policies. After that, you will be redirected to the game’s main interface. Here, you will find many options, such as controls and new games. Click to start the game. After starting the game, you will see 16 lockers. However, you can’t access them all. Only 4 of them are a little tainted and will be accessible to you. Now, what you need to do is kidnap the girls. After playing with them, you will get some points for each entry. Later, you can convert them into money.

Major Game Controls

  • ⬅➡ Left and Right Keys OR “A D” Button

With left and right keys or AD buttons, you can move around the lockers.


To kidnap a girl in the locker, press the SPACE button when she reaches in front of the locker.


Press ENTER to see the locker scene.

  • R

Use R to open the empty lockers.

Nevertheless, be careful while kidnapping and not get caught. It’s over. You get caught. Lust points will fill the energy bar on the screen, and you can make purchases in the game by using them. Moreover, you can unlock other lockers with the money you earn. While passing different levels, you increase your power. Ultimately, you can do anything for your fellow students in the school. Still confused in “How to play Lovecraft Locker?” Let’s start step by step now!

Day 1 – The Starting Day!

We hope the above information is enough to know how to start the game. Therefore, Let’s start with the next steps. You are a naughty tentacle god. Your primary role is to kidnap the girls through lockers. You can press left and right keys or AD to move in the game. Now you can use SPACE to kidnap the girls when they reach in front of a particular locker. Moreover, you can see the locker scene by pressing ENTER. As a result, you get the lust points whenever a girl exits the locker.

Earning Skill Points

Your skill points increase with each girl in the loc, resulting in a level-up. You can use these points to unlock other lockers. You can use the R key to open empty lockers. However, empty lockers don’t have tentacles. But essential lockers can help lock the girls, costing two skill points. However, it increases to a mature version after a day or two. 

Be Cautious

It’s important not to get caught while playing Lovecraft Locker. Make sure when you abduct any girl, no one is watching you. If you get caught, you will be reported to school management. After 50 alerts, you will lose the game and may have to start anew from the previously saved checkpoints.

Locker Types

There are different types of lockers. You must be familiar with them to play efficiently. They all cost other skill options. Here is the minor detail of each locker:

  • Firstly, it comes with the basic one. The basic locker allows you to abduct girls while costing two skill points. You will see a better version after two days.
  • Secondly, there comes the passive locker. With a passive locker, you can abduct the girls more quickly and generate the lust. It will cost you five skill points. Moreover, the primary benefit of this locker is that it reduces the alerts.
  • Then comes the gas locker, which makes the girl forget what happened in the locker. It will cost you five skill points. However, the major drawback is that it can’t capture the girls.
  • About the dimensional locker, we can’t say anything. Only Patrons know the mystery behind it.
  • There are other signs, such as a cross sign, which helps you to leave the locker, and another sign for unlocking the locker.


Absolutely! Lovecraft Locker is a fantastic game that won’t cost you a dime. You don’t need to buy anything with your money. Just play the game, complete missions, and earn points to get cool stuff inside.

Yep, it’s safe! But here’s the deal – where you download it from matters. Always get it from a safe place, like a trusted website, to make sure your device stays happy and healthy.

Updating is a breeze! If there’s a new version, just go back to where you got it (our website) and download the update like you did the first time.

Imagine an anime game that’s super fun for ages 18 and up. There are fantastic characters, tricky monsters, and exciting levels. It’s designed so everyone can have a blast playing, no matter their skill level.

So, You Learned How to Play Lovecraft Locker?

And that wraps up the Lovecraft Locker adventure! So, here’s the deal: Lovecraft Locker isn’t just any game. It’s like stepping into a wild, monster-filled high school where you’ve got to be the hero. Whether you’re a gaming pro or just starting, our guide makes it easy. Kidnap some girls, play around, and earn points. Use those points smartly to unlock more cool stuff and levels. And hey, if you’re wondering about updates, safety, or what kind of game it is – we’ve got your back with all the answers.

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